Unite Gallery - WordPress Plugin

general purpose responsive gallery plugin

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Here is the items page. On the left side there is the categories, and on the right side there are the items themselfs. 

Items are images or video items. 

gallery items page


For both sides right click is working. 

Width the categories you can: add new category, delete , reorder or change title. 

For items you can: 

Select, deselect, reorder, move to category single or multiple items, add / edit image or video item.

When you edit iteme you can change title ore discription or link. In current galleries the link will be added to the end of the description if exists. 

When tou select item, you can use mouse bar selection, selection with shift or ctrl button for select or deselect, and ctrl or shift button for regular selection (without the bar). All like in windows explorer. Try it and have fun. 

Item edit page: 

item edit page



The most simple way is just to copy the shortcode from the gallery settings page. But if you want to put several galleries with same settings but with other images to different pages, you can generate shortcode with the same gallery but with other items categories. Just press on "generate shortcode" button, choose the category you want to put and copy the new shortcode. 

In most cases the gallery will work without any problems, but sometimes there are templates where for some reason exists some javascript errors or double jquery.js library includes.

In case of errors that not come from the gallery, you should trace them using firebug or any other debugging service, and fix them. After that the gallery should work clear.

Double jquery include is a situation when jquery library included not once as it should be, but couple of times. In case that it's included after the gallery js files included, the gallery will not work and display an error message.

Then you can try to quick fix ti using the tools that galllery have. Go to gallery settings->troubleshooter, and check "Put JS Includes To Body" option to "yes". The issue may be solved. 

If it's not solved, you just need to find the second jquery include, from where it comes and remove it.